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Originally Posted by Steven Low View Post
I'd say:
Sun: Agility
Monday: plyo work followed by oly lifts
Tuesday: sprint conditioning
Wednesday: Rest
Thursday: plyo/agility work, (rest break >1 hrs), LSD work (soccer cond)
Friday: Oly lifts, sprint work
Sat: Rest

~Better rest split up instead of two consecutive days.. allows better recovery.
~Focus on agility when fresh once, another when fatigued (thurs)
~LSD after plyo/agility after a rest break
~Sprint work before oly is.. a good way to get poor technique/movement patterns. Reversed that Fri.
~Maybe add something else Sun if it's too easy.
Once again Steven, thank you so much for your input I can always trust your judgement. One quick questions. How many exercises should I do on oly days and should they vary each time? Should i do the same lifts for lets say 3 weeks and then rotate them with another group of lifts and keep rotating lifts every few weeks? Thanks again.
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