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You'll love the stuff Allen. It is about as close to legal heroin addiction as I'll ever come.

This log is turning out to be a good tool for me. I did a quick analysis of my current activity level at this time of my life vs approximately 20 years as a bellhop in the casino business from 1976 - 1998. During that time I logged about 14 average miles per day pushing a two wheeled hand cart weighing on average 300 lbs at a very brisk pace. While doing this one generally moves over all types of surfaces, uphill, downhill, over carpet, hard floor, sometimes down or up steps, etc. One is also constantly pushing and pulling bags, bending, throwing, lifting. Weights can vary from almost nothing to so heavy the item has to be flipped side over side to be moved. I also worked out diligently, and sometimes played sports, during this period.

Bottom line: I burned somewhere in the range of 8,000 kcals per day. That is not an exaggeration. It may have even been higher but I'm trying to be sensible. My food/drink intake? Whatever I wanted. Had free range to the dining hall at work whenever I wanted and took advantage of it frequently. In addition I ate/drank at home. My intake had to at least match what I burned as my weight never varied from 183 lbs for years.

Today I have a desk job, ugh. And it is hard to manage myself but I've finally gotten things under control. Weight climbed to 197 at one time, waistline was 40 inches? Now it is back down to just over 35 and my weight is 188 and dropping. Watching my nutrients and doing workouts consisting of compound movements is the key. My goal right now is 173 and around 10% fat composition. To do this I'm doing about 2000 kcals per day, lots of fat and protein, not much carbs.
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