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Frank Needham
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I'll have to try that red pepper pesto, sounds great.

No workout today, felt a bit tired and weak. I did walk and did some pullups at work though. I'm gravitating back towards IF. Didn't eat all day, came home and had: An entire large salad bowl of mixed greens with 2-3 ozs of pesto on it, 6 oz grilled pork chop, one avocado, one cup of rice with one cup of mongo on it, one large flour tortilla. About 1800 kcals, I'm stuffed. May have strawberries later.

Sat in on a training session today with our plant operators and mechanics. First thing the presenter whipped out was an enormous box of pastries, what a t__d. Everybody started wolfing them, I about gagged. Kept my mouth shut though.
"Lack of sleep makes cowards of us all."
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