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Greg Davis
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Thx for the feedback guys..

Liam that sounds like a pattern that I could benefit from..

Going to give it a try just keeping it simple and hitting the weightroom once a week for some DL/squats and maybe a couple assistance exercises. If I feel like I can add more volume I can always tier it up later on. I want to keep them in my "regimen" because I think (a) heavy lifting is fun (b) it will benefit my sports in the long term if I can bring up my lifts (c) better to establish a decent DL/squat while I'm on the young side for health and longevity reasons.

For now I'm enjoying doing stuff mostly outside whenever possible.. just got back from a 5 day paddle of the Mattawa River... lots of high volume paddling and intense portaging (carrying huge pack & canoe over trails). Very interesting how random stuff like that can be a bit of shock to the body.. sure whipped my traps in to gear.
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