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Default Carb choices for Zoner thinking Paleo

As a Zoner who has also followed the good food / bad food list in the CF journal I try to steer clear of potatoes, sweet potatoes or any starchy veg. You know, the whole insulin / glycemic index thing.

As I start to learn about Paleo, I see that it says tubers are good stuff. Even though part of the modern justification for following the Paleolithic prescription seems to be control of insulin. I have also seen posts by some zone/paleo CFers that rate starchy veg as being better for you than grains. But Dr. Sears and the glycemic index beg to differ when it comes to whole oats and barley.

Specifically, what is with:
1. The conflict between Paleo recommending tubers vs. the Zone as well as CF publications listing tubers as a "bad" choice; arenít both Zone and Paleo just trying to control insulin when it comes to carbs?

2. And the specific merit of eating potatoes, sweet taters, umm...carrots, etc. with respect to the hormonally induced effect on fat they have...i.e. their effect on insulin. I mean, I just checked, a sweet potato has a glycemic load very similar to corn, and I'm pretty sure a Zoner nor a Paleo would eat corn. Beans are another source of similar confusion, they control insulin better than yams, but Robb seems to advocate eating yams but not beans.

In the same way that there is nothing magic about the specific ratios in the Zone, can't we say there isnít anything magic about not eating a grain (corn) or a legume on Paleo. What it comes down to is its effect on insulin right? Combining Zone and Paleo:
Sweet potatoes/yams, Yes Paleo, No Zone Ė
Kidney beans, No Paleo, Yes Zone Ė
Corn, No Paleo, No Zone...They all effect insulin very similarly, so what gives? Frackin confusing.

Sorry for the long rant in my first post here.

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