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August 13, 2008
*fasted workout*

1. Warmup
jump rope - 1min on/0:30 off
double under practice - 3 minutes
foot mobility drills - 25m's
running drills - 10m's - high knees, cariaocas, side shuffles, backwards run

2. Track workout
800's - 3:27, 3:28, 3:31 (2:45 rest between)

100m strides - 0:18, 0:21, 0:18, 0:20, 0:19, 0:17 (0:40 rest between)

-double unders - These felt good today I actually stringed a quite a few together
-800's - My goals was to get under 3:30, the first 2 sets felt great, the 3rd set after ~250m's I realized I was going to slow and really poured it on the last 150. That sucked
-Strides - These felt great
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