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August 14, 2008
BW = 193-195.6 (Seriously...WTF???? That is slightly discouraging!)

1. Warmup
Row@5 - 500m - 2:04
Various KB exercises for time (2H swings, 1H swings, H2H stuff, around the world, figure8's w/uppercuts, windmills, cleans, bottom's up pressing) - 35#kb x 3 minutes, 25#kb x 3 minutes

2. Diesel Crew shoulder rehab #4
incline DB retraction - 25 x 15
prone Y - 5 x 15 (waaay to easy)
prone internal rotation - 5 x 15

3. Neck
Swiss ball isometric hold against wall - 0:40 front/L/R

4. Gymnastic Warmup
handstand hold - 0:50, 0:20
tuck-sit - 0:15, 0:17, 0:16

5. Strength (1.5-2.5 minute rest between each work set)
Burgener WU - 45 x 1
power clean - 45 x 5, 100 x 5, 120 x 5, 140 x 5, 150 x 5, 170 x 5

plate raise + truck driver - 25 x 8, 25 x 8

cable curl - 10 count eccentric - 70 x 5, 70 x 6, 70 x 6
back extensions - 15, 15, 15
(superset with no rest)

isometric Pallof Press hold - 60 x 0:30L/R, 60 x 0:30L/R

6. Misc.
Dick Hartzell Lower Body Flexibility Routine using red Iron Woody band ~8 minutes

-Super stiff when I woke up this morning, hamstrings = sore and TIGHT after the RDL's on the 12th and then the 800's+strides on the 13th. Did an extra long warmup, forgot any movement prep/mobility stuff by the time I was done with the miscellaneous stuff.
-row - this felt soooooo bad, I just felt like my joints were glued together this morning.
-KB stuff - Didn't count reps at all just flowed from one thing to another really trying to warm up my hamstrings and threw some other stuff in there for the heck of it. My H2H skills are lacking, but practicing these in the gym is not the best idea.
-Neck - My neck has been stiff all week, so I took it a bit easier on the time and frequency this week.
-power cleans - Yikes, these just sucked all around, I didn't get focused until the 4th set, I was being really sloppy the first 3 sets and I didn't even realize it until the end of the 3rd set. 170 felt ok but heavy.
-Isometric Pallof Press hold - YIKES this exercise torched my sides, next time I'll decrease the resistance and actually get 3 sets
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-Kelly Starrett

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