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Default Beginner O Lift Program - Sample

I mentioned to Frank that I would post the beginners' program that my coach came up with. Obviously it's tailored to me and my weaknesses, but I think it's always interesting to see different programs. It's 3 day which is about as much as I can work in. Any comments are welcome...

Day 1
(all in kg)
Back squat - 50x10, 60x8(3sets with 60)
Cleans First pull/Pull/HangClean 40/50/60(3sets with 60)
Rack Jerks 40x3, 50x3, 55x3(5)
Flexibility work, prone scapular retractions, seated hamstring, calves.

Day 2

Overhead squat 20x10, 30x5(3)
Snatch first pull/pull/hangsnatch 40,50(6)
DB press standing 3x12
Db shrugs 3x12

Day 3

Front squat 40x4, 50x5(5)
OH squat 20x10, 30x5 (2)
Snatch 40x3, 50x1(5), 55x1(5) 60x1(5)
Clean and jerk 50x3, 60x1(5) 70x1(5) 80x1(5)
Clean pulls 90x3, 100x3(3)

--- idea is to take a day each for clean and snatch form work with first pull/full pull/ lift from hang sequence, after warming up with some squatting
. Then third day working on both full lifts with lots of singles. Weights are approximate, use as form allows.
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