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Friday: IF with no workout and tired. Noticed my weight flucuated upward a few lbs, had to be water but why? Could have been that I let myself get a bit dry and the body was trying to retain or, could have been the potatoes in the beef stew from the day before.

On the menu today: 1/3 cup mixed nuts, huge salad bowl of greens with pesto, yogurt, goat milk, pork chop, tortilla and cottage cheese. A tad over 2000 cals. I had some hunger pangs during the day but at a certain point they diminish and go away. When I don't IF I usually am ravenous by the time I come home and eat way past the point of being satiated. OTOH, when I do IF my hunger pangs at dinner time are usually nonexistent and don't have a problem when I decide to stop eating.

This will be my first weekend off since being back from vacation so I'll have to watch myself pretty close. I'll workout this morning and then see how it goes. Might have to have a PWO meal of carbs to maintain energy but we'll see. This is definitely a work in progress for me.
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