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Darryl, you are a champion. It is easy to respect a guy who posts helpful information, even if...especially if it is not always from personal knowledge. You could have said, check the internet, but you learned a little and posted helpful info ta boot. Above and beyond the call of duty. Thx.

And Frank, awesome link.

Sweet potoato is a tuberous root, which is different from a tuber, which is a potato and a yam. Incidentally, the orange flesh yams we can buy in american grocery stores sold next to the sweet potatoes are really all sweet potatoes, just different varieties. A true yam is much larger and much more fiberous.

Hmm, I hadn't thought about garlic as a root or tuber...but there ya go, it's a bulb. Surprisingly high in carbs if you use a lot like I do. I make a dip for parties that is about 50 or 60 garlic cloves roasted in the oven and smashed up with olive oil and a little goat cheese.

Anyway, thanks.

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