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Originally Posted by Liam Dougherty Springer View Post
Sorry I wrote that in a confusing manner, I was wondering if the insulin response between Whey and Casein was different and why would the insulin response be different between one protein source and another?

Oh and I just thought of something is there a difference in glucagon response to the sources? That could effect the "zone" axis among other things.
As I said though one absorbs slower than the other.. which makes their response on insulin different. If something is being absorbed slower it's going to have a different effect.

For example, it's like taking 100g of sugar and throwing it into your bloodstream all at once vs. only 10g/hour.

Originally Posted by Fenthis Glusos View Post
simple: DON'T CUT OUT DAIRY...I've seen myself go from lean to leaner by incorporating dairy back into my diet. This is most likely why that whole ice cream thing is working out for those guys, dairy has some sort of effect at the cellular level on fat metabolism.

I just drink milk and eat plain yogurt/cheese.
That's great it works for you. Really depends on the person though... which is why most of us are experimenting with our diets a lot.
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