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So, I've got some questions. I've been IFing now for several days, lost lbs down to 188 from 192 which I like, no real problem with energy. No problems dealing with hunger for the most part. I'm losing weight, sleeping well, strength is up as indicated by pretty successfully lifting more during workouts. Not doing much in the way of metcons though I did one yesterday for the first time in a while. I've read so many times in the past that people will claim it is darn near impossible to lose fat weight but build muscle and strength while doing heavy lifts, which is what seems to be happening to me. This is supposed to be especially true for those in my age bracket (I'll officially be a senior citizen in just over a year) due to hormone issues. Otoh, I read from many sources (Zone proponents for example) that you have to strip all the extra fat and then rebuild to have more muscle and get stronger. So what gives? I don't really see any controversy here but I sometimes wonder if the people who make the statements such as those outlined are just repeating things they've heard but in fact have no basis for in reality?
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