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There are many who makes statements that in my experience don't really add up. Like this one: You can't get stronger while limiting your food intake. This morning I did deads for 270, 5 reps and felt like I could go more. This is definitely an increase in strength for me and I'm not supposed to be able to according those who talk trash and say you can't do that. So, I'm asking where do they get this from? Is this just more conventional wisdom accepted without question? I'm definitely getting stronger while losing bf and gaining muscle (recomposition), not gaining mass mind you, so I believe that most of those pushing this stuff don't really know what they are talking about.

Another that is passed about frequently: You have to get lean before you can get bigger and stronger, from Zone proponents. If you are practicing strict Zone you are going to be a stick man for as long as you are on Zone no matter what movements you do. So why pass out statements like that as they are misleading/misinformed at best?

Are you drinking cold brewed? That stuff is so good I should have an IV drip to carry around with me! Forget about geezin' it.
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