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One thing to be mentioned at the start: I did not follow all of the directions laid out by AC to begin Afterburn. First, I took no pictures. I might do that before the second week kicks in. Next, I didn't weigh in before I started. I weighed in last night on a horribly uncalibrated gym scale. According to the scale and after adjusting for its crappiness, I weigh 225. That's about 10 pounds over my normal "fighting" weight. The goal is 205 or lower. Finally, no body fat measurements. This would entail talking to someone at the gym and listening politely to his/her advice. I have no time for that, so BF guesstimate is 19%. It might be higher.

I'm looking to shed the fat in eight weeks; reevaluate then go from there. If the progress is good, but could do better, I'll ramp up the next eight weeks. If progress is great, I might switch back to the New Rules and start Strength II.

Day 2: Deadlifts and presses. Again, 2 sets of 20. I went with 135# for the DL and felt reasonably good. I'll up the weight by 10# tomorrow. Seated DB shoulder press 25#. Felt right, especially since the accident screwed up my screwed up shoulders. The rest of the workout consisted of sets of split-squats and pullovers, then more goddamn Swiss ball work. I hate split-squats, but love what single leg work does for my stength and GPP. As for the Swiss ball work, who knew it could be humbling?

Diet has to shift as well. I've been eyeballing my diet for too long. I need to go back to what works. A fanatical devotion to the Pope, er, Atkins (sorry, the Spanish Inquisition reference was irresistible). If I go all protein, all the time with very clean carbs (oatmeal, veggies, no corn, rice, tortillas) I can lose weight (fat) very fast. I'm doing it.
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