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josh everett
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Here is a post I made on in response to a guy that asked if he should split snatch.
" If your goal is fitness by all means practice & use the squat snatch. The flexibility required to perform the movement is a great thing to have.
Now if you are a competitive weightlifter the rules define a snatch as one movement from the floor to overhead. Whatever style gets the most wt over your head in one motion is what I'd go with. For me my best squat sn is 92.5k, my best split sn is 122.5k. A squat sn got me to the american open, the split sn got me to the national championships.
For me no amt of time or work was ever going to improve my shoulder flexibility & stability enough to have a great OHS. I worked my butt off with coach B for years on this.
Would I ever teach a junior high or high school weightlifter the split? no. But a masters lifter or someone who has ruined their shoulder flexibility from years of bench press I certainly would. There are a large number of masters lifters who split sn so if it's what you need to do Craig then go for it."
I like the split versions for the same reasons Wolf stated and also for the reasons I wrote above.
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