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Originally Posted by Allen Yeh;37200
1. Bodyfat/bodyweight reduction[/B]
Why: I know I had this in my log before but that was for aesthetic purposes, this time I'm putting it here due to being diagnosed with mild sleep apnea and I'm unwilling to be hooked into a C-pap machine in order to sleep for the rest of my life and I'm sure as HECK not going to let some doctor laser/rotorrooter out tissue from the inside of my throat. FORGET THAT.
How: Weight loss has been a focus for the last 3 weeks and it seems like things are going ok. Financial burdens are going to prevent me from doing a liquid diet during the day and solid meal at night type thing, instead I'll be going with IF and low-carb eating. No more mass gaining allowed for me. I will to focus on upping my strength without upping my weight.
do you mind me asking current ht/wt/bf% ?

on another note - thought id mention - ive gained weight (lean-mass) with low-carb / IF. recently, im keeping LC and IF, but ive dialed back the fat in hopes of losing it. i know lean mass isn't bad... but its a little too high for the metcon stuff i like.
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