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Originally Posted by Eva Claire Synkowski View Post
do you mind me asking current ht/wt/bf% ?

on another note - thought id mention - ive gained weight (lean-mass) with low-carb / IF. recently, im keeping LC and IF, but ive dialed back the fat in hopes of losing it. i know lean mass isn't bad... but its a little too high for the metcon stuff i like.
I'm 5'9" and the last week or so I've been weighing in at 191. Bodyfat I'm not sure I haven't had a actual bodyfat measurement in years (none that I have any trust in that is). I'm guessing just looking the mirror between 12-15%. I've been sitting around this weight for years now, although LBM has gone down and bodyfat has gone up. I was thinking if I could drop a solid 10+ pounds and adjust my body so that I sit there, hopefully it would help.

Weight loss was one of the first things I was looking at in terms of trying to help this sleep apnea thing, but someone mentioned to me it might be dietary, so I may look into that as well. The doctor practically wanted me to take one of those C-pap machines out the door with me. I know my snoring bothers Laurie, as well as she is concerned because she says it seems like I'll be gasping for breathe at times.

When I first did IF last year, I lost almost 15#'s then with my wife's surgery and recovery I gained it all back and then some. I'm trying to go back through my log and emulate what I did last year.
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