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Originally Posted by Greg Everett View Post
Melanie is a very consistent lifter and nearly always goes 5 for 6 or 6 for 6 at meets. She made 2 American records with her Oly performance. This is a question that was circulating for a while after she lifted, but it's impossible to say why she/the coaches decided on the attempts she made. I think she did an amazing job.
The snatch was a PR for her (and an American record) and the C&J looked to me to be near the limit. She said "good call" to the coach, leading me to think she wanted higher but was glad she did the weight she did.

At best, she could have squeaked a few extra kilos out, at worst she would be a few kilos down, but it wouldn't have changed the final standings a bit (there were 7 kilos on either side of her).
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