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Originally Posted by Frank Needham View Post
It'll be interesting to see how things go with your progress. What is your ultimate goal?

Here are some specific goals that I have outlined for my program.

Program Goals:

Increase strength
Back Squat 250lb single
Press 160lb single
Dead Lift 400lb single
Bench Press 225lb single
Clean 200lb single
Kipping Pull up 40 reps
Increase core strength

Increase Body Weight
20 to 30lbs of body weight
Notable increase in size of leg (quad/hamstring/calf), back size, shoulder size, glutes, trapezius, chest.
Minimize increase in waist/gut
Minimize increase in BF%

Baseline details (at start of program on Aug. 4th)
Weight 182lbs
13-18% BF
I have before pics.
Back Squat 185lb single (depth below parallel, but not like new depth)
Press 120lb single
Dead Lift 325lb single
Bench Press 190lb single
Clean (never done a single)
Kipping Pull Ups 26 reps
Fran as rxd - 9:34
Filthy 50 41:16 with scales
The Dead/HPC/FS/Jerk 135lb WOD Scaled to 95lbs 26:20
Cindy - 12 rounds + 5 pull ups + 10 push ups
Gwen 105lbs

Feel free to comment. I came up with many of these numbers without much thought. Didn't look at percentages or anything of the sort. I might be out of my mind on some, while others might be low.


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