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Originally Posted by Steve Liberati View Post
I'm curious to hear more as well. What are some of your starting stats and strength numbers, Joe?
I started at 170lbs and about 7-8% BF. I'm actually down about 3lbs in a few days mainly from dropping water along with the carbs. My max DL is 435, and my max push press is 225. Those are the only two lifts I've gone for a 1RM on in a while. My last Squat workout I was using 265 for 5 sets of 5. Dont know what my 1RM there is.

I hear the first 12 days are a little rough and the first carb load can be an experience in itself. Supposedly once you become fat adapted thats when the strength gains will come, along with the performance enhancement. This can take different amounts of time for different people.

The diet recommends eating around 18x bodyweight in calories during the induction period and after that you can go with a mass gain or cut protocol and adjust calories accordingly. I don't have a whole lot to cut , but I'll make that decision when I get there. I'm no expert on this diet , so if anyone has any experience with it or tips please chime in. I'm learning as I go.
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