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Achintya Rana
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Here are 10 reasons why I think you should get on the Anabolic Diet as well:

1. Bigger Muscles. The Anabolic Diet maximizes the production of your 3 muscle building hormones:

* Testosterone
* Growth Hormone
* Insulin

At the same time, these hormones decreases the muscle breaking activity in your body. The end result? Bigger muscles.

2. Less Fat. The more fat you give your body, the less fat it stores. On the Anabolic Diet, you’ll consume high amounts of fat.

* You’ll become a fat burning machine: fat will be used for energy
* No more fat pockets: you’ll get rid of the love handles, double chin, …

With the Anabolic Diet you’ll be at 10% body fat, year round.

3. More Strength. You’ll feel like an animal on the Anabolic Diet. Stronger than ever:

* Increased testosterone levels
* Bigger muscles means more strength
* Lower body fat equals increased lean body mass

The Anabolic Diet is for those who want to be strong, without looking like a fato.

4. Better Health. The Anabolic Diet includes a high consumption of meat, fats, veggies & fruit. Some health benefits include:

* Decreased cholesterol & triglyceride levels
* Decreased plaque buildup in arteries
* Controlled insulin levels
* Less food allergies, less acne

Perform a blood test before starting this diet. You’ll see the difference.

5. More Energy. Those who switch to the Anabolic Diet always report feeling more energized:

* Jumping out of bed in the morning, waking up full
* Better recovery from workouts & daily activities
* No more blood sugar crashes
* Less irritability, no more mood swings
* No more heaviness after eating
* And much more

Another advantage of increasing testosterone production & controlling insuline.

6. You Can Eat What You Want. With the Anabolic Diet, there’s not one food that you will have to give up.

* During the week: high amounts of meat, fat, veggies & fruit
* Weekend: as much carbs as you can handle

It’s not what you eat that counts, it’s when.

7. No Hunger. You’ll never feel hungry on the Anabolic Diet, even when cutting weight:

* Fat satiates
* Fat delays hunger
* You’ll be eating more calories than before
* You’ll need to remind yourself to eat most of the time

Feeling hungry is no fun. Enter the Anabolic Diet.

8. No More Bloating. The Anabolic Diet is a natural diuretic. During the first weeks, you’ll notice a loss of weight. Water. High carbs diets are linked to water retention. With the Anabolic Diet, you’ll no more have a bloated look. You’ll look better.

9. It’s Cheaper. You’ll cut expenses on the Anabolic Diet:

* No need to buy low fat meat: you need the fat
* No more whey: you’ll get plenty of protein from your diet
* No essential fatty acids supplementation

More money in your pocket, another benefit of the Anabolic Diet.

10. No More Junk Cravings. The longer you eat healthy, the more you’ll get adverse effects from eating junk food. Eating too much junk food in the weekend will make you want to reach the couch.

After a few months on the Anabolic Diet, you’ll say goodbye to the junk cravings forever.
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