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Originally Posted by joe waguespack View Post
The thing that attracted me to AD was how close it is to what I'm doing already with some minor tweaks. I'm mainly interested in what changes will come about from small tweaks. I basically only was eating carbs on training days and then eating to my hearts content on Saturday or Sunday. This will just be a little stricter (<30 g carbs) during the week with a more controlled madness on the weekend. Combined with IF and finding the right caloric balance, I'm pretty confident. I did Body Opus years ago and got flabby, smaller and weaker. I didn't have the experience I have now with eating, but it still wasn't a good experience. I have read many different experiences from people who are cutting/bulking and maintaining on AD. There is a HUGE (300+ post)thread on t-nation started by some powerlifters who have been doing AD for a while and swear by it for size/strength gain with minimal fat gain. I'm still reading the thread right now and if I can find it there is a really good explanation( I believe it was from Dr. Di Pasquale) about the shortcomings of BO and Duchaine's oversights when designing BO somewhere in there. I'll try and find that post , but the thread is huge and easy to get lost in. Here is the link if anyone wants to read it also. Good info by some seemingly knowledgeable athletes, no meathead BS. Definitely start at the beginning though, I think later in the thread is when the knuckle heads start chiming in.
Thats the same thread that was posted during a discussion about AD a ways back on CF. It was how I got interested in the AD originally. Some good info there on it.
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