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Yeah, it started in 2005 and is still going strong.

Well, I just did a workout (fasted) and felt great. I did a bunch of sled pulling, farmers walks, sandbag cleans/carries, double KB swings, and various KB carries (overhead, rack). I felt great, my strength was down a little yesterday on squats, but I felt strong and energetic today. Getting ready for a nice big Ribeye and some eggs.

I noticed something weird today, it maybe all in my head but still interesting. I used to dip ( skoal) a lot , I quit about a year ago but recently had started back up again over the past two weeks. I was up to about a can a day again. Since I started this diet I haven't touched, actually haven't even thought about it. I just realized it today when I saw a half of can in my desk, I realized that I hadn't even thought to use it. Do you think that something chemical goes on with the ingestion of certain nutrient profiles that can curb certain "addictions" (for lack of a better word)?
"We must all suffer one of two things: the pain of discipline or the pain of regret and disappointment."
- Jim Rohn
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