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Originally Posted by Jon Alexander View Post
Hey Joe! I too used to dip ( at least a can a day) until about 3 weeks ago when i changed my diet. until I just read your post i have not really noticed it!! that is a weird feeling, but a good one!!
I am not on the AD but something similar( high fat, high protien, low carb) and started IF. I dont know if it is the diet combo or the IF? were you IF'ing before you switched to AD? this is very interesting, let me know what you think?
Yeah I was IF'ing for a while and just started AD this past week. I bought a can of dip on monday and started the AD on Tuesday and haven't dipped since then. Like I said I never even realized it until today. It is pretty interesting, maybe one of the more scientific guys will chime in with their thoughts. I guess there could be something chemical that goes on to control the nicotine cravings. I wonder if any smokers have experienced this or if it's just us dippers?
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