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Craig Brown
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Hi Jon-

I don't IF too much, though I did a solid 13 hour fast months 2-3 of the not smoking. I was on a moderate strict paleo for a lot of that time, but have been eating a lot of ice cream and drinking about 24oz of whole milk a day for a couple months. Any time I have checked the eating on fitday, I am at 50% or higher fat, a gram or more protein per pound of bodyweight and less than 100 grams of net carbs a day. Certainly carbs are higher now with all the milk & ice cream...Lots of coffee in the AM, no alcohol ever, 2# of veggies a day+...

I have been working on quitting for a long time, and have quit for up to a few months at a time before. This has certainly been the easiest and longest. This is the first time I've tried as a non-drinker, which most def. helps!
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