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I remember from our conversation a few weeks ago that you said something about a two weeks power focus, two weeks endurance focus program. I think it was a Pavel idea, but I don't remember exactly. Where did it come from? Do you have a link to an article?

I was thinking about

Four cycles of

Day 1: running sprints with full recovery, 100's and 200's, or rowing sprints 250 and 500m.
day 2: 5 X 5 of a squat, pull from the floor, and an overhead lift, then grip and unilateral lower body work
day 3 - tuck planche, front lever, weighted pull, weighted ring dip, l-hold, handstand work
day 4 - off

Then one cycle easy(light cardio, stretching, form work.)

Four cycles of
Day 1 - some maintenance (2 or 3 X 5) of a pull from the floor, a squat, and an overhead lift, then a bodyweight circuit (cindy, mary, etc)
day 2 - middle distance running intervals (400's, 800's, 1200's,)
day 3 - high rep dumbell lifting and rowing (for example, max rounds in twenty minutes 15 long cycle clean and jerks, 500m row)
day 4 - rest

Then one cycle easy.

Look good?

I tend, like most people, to make great progress, then push it too long, and burn out, then take a week or so off, then repeat. I figure this program will prevent burnout by offering more frequent easy weeks and an alternation between power and endurance focus.
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