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Milk is OUT! I had a completely debilitating allergy attack on Saturday morning. Looking to stream line the calories needed to meet my goals. I can provide as much detail as needed. I need to know the exact amount of daily calories needed, and the macro nutrient break down to be successful on this cycle.

According to Fit Day:
BMI + daily activity level = 3,209 kcals
Lifting days will add another 500 to 900 kcals burned
Total = 3,700 to 4,100 kcals.

How much of a surplus do I need on calories to grow? Would it be acceptible/advisable to eat more calories ONLY on lifting days? Is it a bad idea for the macro nutrient break down to be 50% or more fat? Is there any reason to be consuming more than 200grams of protein per day, and would less on non lifting days be acceptable?

Looking for answers. I have already seen improvements. I want them to continue....but loosing the milk makes it more complicated. Thoughts? *I will also be posting this under the nutrition portion of the forum as it might get more input in that location. Thanks.

Workout today: I decided to lower all my weights across the board to allow for a little extra recovery.

Squat: I can basically sit on my calves now. It's awesome.

Press: My shoulder is always somewhat painful. I still need to consider acupuncture or seeing an orthopedic to diagnose the issue.

Power Clean: Focus on catching. Mainly did hangs, and jumping + the catch. I did one set of power cleans. The catch is getting better, but I need to develop more consistency

Ushered my daughter off to her 1st day of school. Hello Kindergarten.
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