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August 26, 2008
AM workout
BW = 190-190.8
*16 hour fast*
*fasted workout*

1. Mobility/Movement Prep warmup
foot mobility drills ~25m's
knee hug - 8L/R
inverted hamstring -backward- 6L/R

2. Prehab
stick dislocates - 12, 12
OHS w/ stick - 15, 12
kip swing - 10, none hurting left arm

3. Running
1.5 miles - 15:00's !!#@!$!@#!@ WTF Today just sucked it ended up being a run/walk.

4. Misc.
Dick Hartzell Lower Body Flexibility Routine using red Iron Woody band - ended up only getting through the ankle/calf and achilles stretches my brain just wasn't there today

-kip swing - the first set my arm felt a bit tight but when I tried for the 2nd set that hurt so I terminated the set immediately
-Run/walk 1.5 miles - Whiskey Tango Foxtrot!!! My intention today was to go out and run at the pace I've been running on the 400's and 800's and see where I'd get, At 3:30 I was only at 0.45 miles where I was shooting for 0.5 miles/3:30 I kind of got discouraged as I tried to make up time by running even faster but fatigued myself by 0.7 miles and walked a bit. I was pretty disgusted with myself by the time everything was over. I also think my nike+ ipod thing isn't calibrated correctly because for a course that is supposed to be 1.5 miles it said I had only gone 1.42 miles. Either I'm even slower than I think I am or this thing needs to be recalibrated to measure distance correctly. The says it's 1.51 miles. Urgh.
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