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Originally Posted by Jacob Rowell View Post
I'm a bit of a novice with all things strongman. My pick is better than my ability to get it up to the platform. I've lapped 315+ with tacky, but wasn't able to get it up very far, just don't have the hip drive in me yet. I was also 175# myself last time I was on stones (I'm busy geting fat now). I've learned everything I know from "TWR" over on p&b. I train at his place semi-regularly.

How low do you go when doing zerchers? About to where the bar would hit your knees? Thinking back, I did a little deadlift/zercher combo to get up an axle recently. Worked great.

I take the zercher down to a deadstop at the knee. you shoudl see my shitty axle clean/ zercher for heavy's really ugly. Saw in your blog you migth run a smolov to get a 400 back squat? post your results if you do. I'm tempted to run one of Pavel's "smolov lite" programs once I reach my current front squat goal
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