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Originally Posted by Frank Needham View Post
Nice to see you posting your log here Steven, even if it does mean you had difficulties at the former location I can't visualize what this maltese lean is, any pictures about on the net that might show it?
I am fond of illustrations, but I like to use Paint. So if you guys ask a lot, it will end up being a lot of painted illustrations since I don't like to take vid much (hassle).


Tues: Pretty decent sleep today (7-8 hrs) except I got woken up a few times so it didn't feel as good.

Change of plans though. Since I am going to play golf on Sat (barring some stupid rain which it looks like it unfortunately), I am switching up to M,Tu,Th,F training so I'll just go fairly tough with the strength work each day.

Knee feels pretty good at the moment.. been icing and massaging a bunch. I feel like I could jog again and can almost do airsquats without pain. However, I am going to hold off for now since if I reinjure it (for like the 4th time) I will be extremely PISSED. Taking it very, very slow.


OAC: 1x4B, 2x3b
maltese leans: 4x5 knees
FL pullups: 1x2, 4x1 15s rest pause

OAC condensed yesterdays work down into less time (~5 mins less). Progress. Elbows still feel great.. no aches right now albeit these are making me sore still at my posterior delts which seem to be lacking in strength compared to anterior (even with balanced push/pull).

Maltese work I added another set and put a cushion under my knees on the block/bench so I'm more level at the position I need to be. Made it a lot more difficult which is good; this is one of those things if I'm not sweating I'm not working hard enough because it's a full body movement.. even moreso than OAC.

FL pullups were pretty good too this time. Focused on keeping body straight and just did as many as possible with 15s rest between each set.

Ice for my knee and food time now.
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