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August 28, 2008
*no fast*
BW = 188-190.4

1. Warmup
KB stuff for 3 minutes - 35#KB (windmills, swings, H2H stuff)
figure 8 walk w/2 35#KB's- rack hold x 1, waiter walk x 1
double under practice - 1 minutes

2. Mobility/Movement Prep warmup
Voyer shrug - 60 x 15, 60 x 15
KTE's - 0 (hurt my left hip flexor too much)
leg swings - 10 F/B, 10S/S
reverse lunge w/ lateral flexion - in place - 4L/R
inverted hamstring - backward - 6L/R

3. Strength
Burgener WU - 45 x 1
power snatch + ohs + Sotts press - 45 x 3
Front squat - regular - 45 x 5, 135 x 3, 155 x 3, 175 x 3, 195 x 3, 215 x 3(struggle to hold rack position today, legs felt fine)
(1.5-2.5 minute rest between each work set)

Pendlay rows - 45 x 5, 135 x 5, 155 x 5, 155 x 5 (forgot to add weight), 175 x 5, 195 x 5 (heavy)
(1-1.5 minute rest between each work set)

RDL - 115 x 10(fast), 115 x 10(fast), 115 x 10(slow), 115 x 10(fast)
GHD situp - 10, 11, 10(FAST), 8(FAST)
(superset - 0:30 rest between sets)

4. Metcon
KB Long cycle practice w/ 2 35# KB's:
clean + strict press + push press + push jerk + hold in rack position for 10 seconds and repeat - 6 times total

clean and press x 7

-Missed yesterdays workout and no access to barbell stuff on Friday so I tried to push the lower and upper body day together, it took a bit of time to fit all of it and I didn't get to a horizontal press as well as no metcon. With all the stuff listed above it took almost an 1:15.
-Warmup - I knew today would be a time crunch so I just tried to keep it very simple with stuff that I knew would get the blood pumping quickly. Left Hip flexor was hurting form I guess my tumble down the stairs on Wed. tried to stretch it out and get some blood to the area.
-double unders - timing was off today
-KTE's - I was going to do these with the Voyager shrugs but it was hurting my left hip flexor to even bring my legs up halfway.
-PS+OHS+Sotts Press - An old complex I dusted off the shelves for today, I just suck at Sotts press. On a brighter note the snatches with the bar didn't hurt my arm so that is always a plus. I'll be incorporating some light technical drills before my major lifts on strength days just to test my arm a bit and to dust off my technique.
-FS - The 215 set felt good on my legs but I was having a rough time with racking the weight today, not sure why.
-Pendlay rows - I forgot to add weight on the 3rd work set and was surprised that 175 felt the same as my set of 155...ADUH. 195 was heavy but doable, next week 200.
-KB long cycle stuff - Eric was messing around with some long cycle stuff so I figured I'd try it out as well, my grip and holding the KB's in the rack position was deceivingly hard at the end. He said I should work up to at least 12 reps in 2 minutes, I might start doing 1 day a week of just KB long cycle stuff for my metcon. It was different, the rack position was just awkward.
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