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Originally Posted by Stephen Brown View Post
I have a hard time believing that the second lap will be bad for your training. The crash however...

First the milk allergies, now the bike crashes. Being healthy is eating you up.
Hey brownie. Glad to see you over here.......bashing me.

You may in fact be right. I don't know for sure. But it has become apparent to me, that recovery is critical for gains. Particularly for us older lifters. I don't think riding my mountain bike, single speed at that, would be considered recovery between my workouts.

I am trying to increase weight with each workout. I need maximum strength to do so. I will continue to play around with the riding angle but I won't allow it to compromise my workouts. They are the focus at this time.

As far as the is already much better (lots of icing). Today was bench press and I had absolutely NO ill affects. Overhead is still quite painful. It's just a deep bruise to the lateral deltoid if I were a betting man.

Today's SS log
Squat: the weight felt on the light side, but the last couple of reps were difficult. No real threat of missing though

Bench Press: still going up in weight here. It's very heavy but I was still able to complete all reps. I will continue until I fail.

Strict PU's

Back Ext:

Super happy with this workout. Pleased that the heavy squat sets felt light enough on my back. Hopefully I can continue to go up for a while.
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