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Default Squat thoughts

So I have been back squatting everyday for the past two weeks(see training log for weights and sets). Squats are definitely something I need to practice often. Anyways some observations so far:

Rest times: for me, I find that less rest time is better. around a minute. I don't know why this is. I have done escalating density type training and russian bear type training with my squats and I find that I stay more focused when there is a certain amount of rest time(1min, 45sec, etc). The longer the rest the more lethargic I feel going into it.

Staying tight: I find that if I keep my upper body tight and pull down with my hip flexors while staying somewhat relaxed with my lower body I am able to get better depth and a little bounce out of the hole which contributes to better speed on the way up. If I try and tighten everything up before I go, the lift is slow, coming out of the hole is a struggle and form goes to crap on the way up.

Pushing the hips back: Really helps the knees out. I can tell if I was just dropping down on the squats or pushing back out of the start .

All in all my squat seems to be in between a high bar squat as far as where the bar sits and a low bar squat with the pushing back of the hips and my back angle in the bottom. Let me know what you think.
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