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Charles Moreland
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Default Charles' Strength to Power log

Original log was up on but has since taken a drastic turn for the worse. Seems I will also be making a perma shift to performance menu.

If PAM ever comes back I will edit this post and possibly three other posts to repaste the previous entries. My formal strength training was started on 7/29/08.

I am currently:

163 pounds
8.3% bf

Injury Status
Left distal biceps tendon appears fully healed, however tendinosis like pain has begun to start in what feels like my brachialis. Pain appears to be coming from the superior tendon and not the insertion.

Current Goals:
2x bodyweight squat
2.5x bodyweight dl
1x bodyweight dips
.5x bodyweight pull ups
1x bodyweight OH press
32" standing vertical
9'5" broad jump
front and straddle splits

Goals on hold:
Iron Cross
Front Lever
Pike Press

Goals Achieved:
Back Lever - Spring 08
45s Tuck Planche (fair) - April 08
Rock Solid Handstands - Jan 08
Slackline Handstand (8 second hold) - July 08
225# Squat - 8/27/08
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