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Charles Moreland
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Alright so this is my first post. My name is Charles Moreland and I'm a 20 year old traceur, martial artist, sculptor, personal trainer, and soon to be avid gymnast. I meant to start this log much earlier yet ran into an issue with bicep tendinosis and had to go on hiatus for over 5 months. Elbow is almost back to 100% and my routine has become much more structured; enough to hold a log.

I plan to use this log to track my progress in strength to hopefully work my way up to gymnastics strength sets like the front and back levers, planches, and perhaps even the iron cross.

At the moment my routine is simple following the Starting Strength program. I am one week into the program.

Wednesday -
Squats 3x5 145#
DL 1x5 145#
Chest Press 3x5 110#
HSPU 3x5 bodyweight free wall

Dead lifts were a little weak due to soreness. Decided to take it a little easy.

Body comp info -
20 years old
7% bf
Was 152 upon starting this program. Now 157 lbs
5' 9"


Friday -

Squats - 3x5 165#
DL - 1x5 165#
OH Press - 3x5 100#

I think I'm dead lifting improperly so I'm going to have to go back Monday and use an empty bar to nail out the kinks. I also think I more or less skimmed the dead lift section of starting strength. I'll do some more research for Monday.


Been on the road so it's been hard for me to update. Monday was my last formal workout.

Squats 3x5 - 175#
Deadlift 1x5 - 175#
Chest press 3x5 - 120#

Monday was a pretty big jump on all lifts for me and I felt great while doing them. I'm seeing some serious image changes as well as just personal strength changes while performing everyday exercises. My bodyfat has jumped up to 8% according to a bio electric impedance tester which isn't exactly reliable, but does show weight gain. I'm sitting at 159 lbs now.


Ok finally got back to my lifts for a day this week. I used Chris' gym and was able to get his instant feedback on my form.

Squat 3x5 - 185#
Deadlift 1x5 - 173#
Chest Press 3x5 - 130#

Cooldown PT work on elbow 15# curls suppinated, nuetral and pronated. 150 reps
GHR 30 lbs 3x10

Feeling really strong especially after this weekend. I'm up to 160 lbs now and still have only put on one percent body fat. Chris watched me like a hawk on my deadlift form and gave me some really helpful cues to get my form correct. I'll look to increase the DL and chest press more next time.
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