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Originally Posted by Gittit Shwartz View Post
Looking forward to following your log! Best of luck rehabbing your knee!


Thurs: Sleep was cut in half but ended up feeling decent out of it. Took another nap later.

OAC: 2x4b, 1x3b
maltese leans: 4x5

OAC added another 1x4 set. Feels pretty good.. definitely extremely taxing. I knew by fighting up the 4th rep that I couldn't do another unfortunately... 5 is still a bit away.

Maltese leans seem to be improving a bit.. latter sets are more solid than the were last time I think. Was sweating a bit more this time so it's more effort. Unfortunately, that's all I'm able to tell at the moment because it seemed like the same knee position.

Ice for my knee, ice cream for my stomach... going to stretch a bit afterwards.
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