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Default First day of BJJ

First class today. 2 hrs. intro and free roll with another newbie and an experienced blue-belt who just worked position with me (i.e., I tried to pass guard and he would let me after awhile, then regain, or let me walk into a sub, then give me some guidance.)

Very congenial atmosphere. Everyone seems to want to help and not just crush the new guys or hurt each other.

Thought I was in decent shape untill i rolled with a 230lbs experienced guy. Holy crap! Need to work on static-strength endurance. Holding guard for long periods was hard on the inside of my knees, but they have loosened back up already.

Got caught with 2 deep guillotines, now I cannot turn my next to the left. How do I loosen this thing back up?

Anyways, great first class and I look forward to more.
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