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Fri: poor sleep

OAC: 6x2 90s rest pause
maltese leans: 5x5

OAC struggled with the last set or so.. had to assist left arm very slightly. Overall, good increase in density as I got the 12 done in about 7:30 as opposed to the 11 I generally get in 10 mins with max sets. I kinda like this setup with some max set days, some volume days and some density work. It's gotten me up from 1 OAC to 4 OAC in pretty much about a month.

Maltese leans.. felt pretty good. Am going to continue and maybe add in some pseudos planche work again.

Jogged on the knee today some about 200m albeit kinda involuntarily since it was to escape the rain. It's sore tonight which is not necessarily a bad thing.. hopefully I didn't set myself back again. One thing I know is that 200m pace at like 50% of my max left me breathing hard... which means I have sucky cardiovascular ability now. Great....
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