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Befor I read the Zone book I thought a proper fat block was 3g thats how the math works, don' quite know why its 1.5g... someone said it is assumeing there is 1.5g of fat per protein block in your prtein source... anyway... the story is that when I first read 42 ways to skin the zone I still thought that a block was 3g so when I adjusted my diet to highfat with fewer overall blocks I went to ten times fat. I also was trying to gain weight at the time so on some days I was takeing in like 24 blocks of carbs 32 blocks of protein and like 260 blocks of fat. It was Intense. After about 10+ days I re read the article do to nausea and worked out the math to figure out I was eating twice as much fat as was suggested. I still laugh about that. My buddy at the Gym who is a long time CFer and Heavy lifter turned me on to PM and got a real kick out of my valient attempts to consume >5000 calories a day
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