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Originally Posted by Arien Malec View Post
I got it today as well, and worked through the first major section on progression for the snatch and c&j and the lifts themselves. So far, meets the expectation as the Starting Strength for the olympic lifts.
OK, gave the whole book a first pass. Again, the core material on the lifts and progressions is excellent -- very clear and thorough and significantly better than anything else I've read -- again the best analogue is the explanation on the lifts in Starting Strength (if anything, there is more detail in this book). The material on faults and corrections is far better than anything I've read -- I especially like the emphasis on primary faults and secondary faults, as well as clear and practical progressions for correcting the faults.

The material on assistance lifts is good, but could have used links to Greg's material on the CA website.

The programming section covers the basics and gives some nice programming templates. The only opportunity for improvement is that there's a lot more that can be said on this topic.

The nutrition section is again far better than anything equivalent that I've read, although nothing new to a PM reader.

The closing section is on the basic of competitions, including basic rules, weight selection strategies, and practical advice on making weight. I've never read this material anywhere, and it's quite clear.

Really, an excellent book.
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