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Sun: Rest. Bad sleep... gah.

Mon: Golf.. shot 60 over a par 34 9 holes. This course was much harder so I mean.. I guess it's okay. But still.

OAC: 1x3B, 1x3L 1x2R, 1x3A(lternating)
Maltese Leans: 5x5

OAC felt weak. Can't tell if it was because of golf in the morning or just crap sleep over the weekend with not so great eating.

(oops, wood in the way.. guy you gotta take my word for not feet assisting):

Maltese leans felt not bad... deteriorated in like the last set though. Gonna do some planche work tomorrow I think.

Pretty light today. Going to go harder tomorrow... with Weds rest again. Thurs I should be going down to Primal. And then we'll go from there...


For some posterity since I did upload these for a different forum to show progress (haven't done any REAL maltese leans in like a couple months):
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