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Catherine Imes
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As I said on Crossfit (for anyone else reading)

will be an instructor there.

There is nothing you need to do to prepare. Just show up healthy. We don't want you to get the "basics" down : People have to "unlearn" something that they thought they understood. So, the main thing is for you to come with an open mind, and come uninjured so that you can perform all of the exercises.

If we had published material (DVD, books) I would point you to those for practice. Since we don't, the best that I can tell you is to come healthy. We put you through some short timed sets, but it is nothing super intense. We focus on the basics and mastery of the basics and the details of the movements.

The differences you state are not exactly accurate. But that's ok. We'll clear up any misconceptions in AZ.
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