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Originally Posted by Derek Simonds View Post
The static strength thing is something very interesting to me. I train a lot of dynamic strength stuff and the only real static strength stuff I do is planks. I don't know if there is an exercise that you can do that simulates holding someone in the guard position. That might be one of those sport specific strengths that develop as you develop.
If you ever flick through the schedule pages at Gym Jones you see they do a lot of static holds. I used to assume that this was climbing related but most of the guys you see featured are fighters of some kind.

Examples would be:
  • Holds in the guard hanging from a heavy bag
  • Holds in various positions on the rings
  • The 30/30 stuff they do. Like tabatas but 30 seconds work/30 seconds 'rest' for 4 mins. I guess the signature is the 30/30 push press with dbs. You rest with the dbs in extension. Even with very light weights this hurts. Alternatively squats with the rest in the bottom position.
  • Planks, as you've mentioned
  • The now ubiquitous Sloshpipe in various hellish configurations.

Even the windshield wipers that everyone got so excited about after 300 in their quest for da buffest Spartan abz look good be considered - you hold 60kg above you in lockout while you work the trunk.

I wonder also if the isometric stuff that Ross discusses (at quite considerable length) in both Infinite Intensity and Never Gymless would have carryover.
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