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Charles Moreland
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Monday Workout 9/1

I missed my Sunday workout due to craziness with moving back to school.

Warmup -
2 minutes rowing
20 air squats
10 push ups
135#squat iso hold at bottom 30 seconds

Workout -

230# Squat 3x5
230# Deadlift 1x5
45# Weighted Dips 3x5

PT Work -

15# curls 2x25 (suppinated and neutral)
70# Lat Pulldown 3x5

I've been toying with the notion of stopping my deadlifts. Perhaps it's just the discouragement that I can't deadlift more than I can squat. I went for 240, which I pulled once and couldn't possibly do 4 more. Switched down to 235 with same result. I'll attempt to get more video of this to see exactly what I'm doing wrong.
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