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Derek Maffett
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Recent PR - 2 consecutive full ROM HSPU's

September 2, 2008

Made a bunch of videos today - I changed and corrected my starting position a little.

DROM, etc. warm-up

Snatch/snatch pulls

85# (meant to switch to snatch pulls here, but of course my mind forgot and I ended up pressing out a half-snatch)
95# (decided to try snatching this... the video shows that the bar was more than high enough - I just didn't get under it)

Deadhang muscle-ups - 8x1 (+2 PR!)

I modified my starting position with hips a little higher than normal (I may have been below parallel before?). Arms are still approximately straight to the ground, and the position seems to be better for my hamstrings.

Muscle-ups invariably required an L at the bottom due to the rings being so close to the ground. I generally held the L until the transition when I had to drop it. I tried to avoid any type of kip and get full ROM at the bottom, though on both counts I was not 100% successful. Still, they were about as much deadhangs as I could manage.
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