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Tues: Decent sleep, semi-good eating

OAC (concentric only): 1x5L 1x4.5R, 1x5A, 1x4A, 1x3A
1/2 layout maltese leans (no bench; 1/2 lay = straight hips, bent knees): 5x10s

OAC volume was pretty high today... 16.5/17 reps although concentric portion only. The eccentric does kinda zap a lot of strength cause I was able to do 5 as opposed to my PR of 4, but I'm not sure how much I would've been able to do with the eccentric since yesterday was a bit off. Um, rest tomorrow and we'll see how the elbows feel going into Thurs.

1/2 lay maltese leans felt pretty good actually (just no block support really). Uh, well, I guess there is more activation of everything stabilizing, but without the block (or spotter) you're not really hitting the position. I'll probably trade back and forth with these a bit to develop the strength for each since both are needed (work in support and work to hit the position).

Food time baby.
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