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Originally Posted by Greg Everett View Post
What else would you like to have seen in the programming section?
Re-reading, I can see that what I wrote looked like a critique -- it was more a statement that a more complete treatment of periodization would have required more space than was practical for an already large and comprehensive book.

I would love to see the Practical Programming for weightlifting :-) Actually, I want the PP for weightlifting for 38 year old beginner-intermediates with a poor strength base, but I'd take the former.

PP provides a theoretical framework for strength training (the two factor model) and a set of practical applications for that framework to understanding the differences between beginners, intermediates and advanced trainees, and to program design to meet the needs of each. I can read PP, and understand what my personal overall program design needs are, how to design a program for myself or someone else, and how to judge a program someone else has written.

Given that weightlifting requires strength, technique and power, and that the fatigue and adaptations produced for one modality interfere with the other, it's hard to apply the lessons from PP directly to weightlifting without modification.

For instance, the fatigue caused by a more strength oriented routine interfere with technique and power development for the core lifts. A bulgarian focus on the core lifts may increase technique and power but limit the development of overall strength. When is a focus on one vs the other merited?

The power movements and high pulls help develop overall power, but may interfere with the motor patterns of the core lifts. When should and should they not be included in a program?

These are just examples of something a general framework for weightlifting periodization with practical examples might help answer. There are whole books on this for multi-year periodization for elite lifters, but nothing that I'm aware of for the beginning/intermediate/early advanced lifter.

It would also require your book to be twice as long :-)
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