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Arien, Michael, etc.:

The problem is that if you don't understand the concepts well, you can't apply them to practical workout construction. The concept of all weightlifting programs is virtually what Rip discusses in PP. Adding more templates to the book is not going to help you program better. Furthermore, each cycle (microcycles, mesocycles, etc.) have their own unique purpose and more or less depend solely on the abilities of the participant; it's impossible to prescribe something that is universal to everyone. Thus, basically the only way to get better at programming is to understand the concepts then to directly apply them to your workouts pretty much daily. Being handed program after program is not going to improve your ability to program for yourself (or others).

Now, if you need practice at it then that's one thing that can be improved, and in fact I think it would be a good idea to have a forum on here totally dedicated to programming your own workouts. Subsequent comments/posts to them would be critique on the better/worse points and generally be focused on feedback. That would get everyone access to quality feedback on workout construction. But it's really up to YOU to determine how much or little you can handle based on your conditioning levels and ability to recovery from fatigue.
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