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Point taken regarding the over-complication of programming. It's probably the single most valuable lesson of Practical Programming. After 10 years of competitive (and inconsistent) weightlifting, that point alone has vaulted my training forward in the last 12 months even as I reduced my overall training hours per week.


Originally Posted by Steven Low View Post
Look up some Westside templates with with work on assistance exercises (squats, OHS, etc. in this case) and how they integrate it with strength work (C&J, snatch). Similar concepts.
I don't think you intended to come across nearly so condescending as you actually did. That said...

Westside?!? How does Westside have any meaningful application to the question of how the principles of Practical Programming can be applied in the specific context of olympic weightlifting? That was my original question, by the way, and frankly it's a topic that's not much addressed either in Practical Programming or in this or other discussion boards. They are distinctly not similar concepts.

Frankly, the CA WOD comes as close as anything I've yet seen (or sketched out on my own) to implementing it. Kudos to Greg.

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