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Originally Posted by michael cooley View Post

I don't think you intended to come across nearly so condescending as you actually did. That said...

Westside?!? How does Westside have any meaningful application to the question of how the principles of Practical Programming can be applied in the specific context of olympic weightlifting? That was my original question, by the way, and frankly it's a topic that's not much addressed either in Practical Programming or in this or other discussion boards. They are distinctly not similar concepts.

Frankly, the CA WOD comes as close as anything I've yet seen (or sketched out on my own) to implementing it. Kudos to Greg.

See, this is the problem in the first place.

1. You asked about how to integrate assistance exercises with a program.
2. I gave you a valid program such as Westside which extensively uses assistance exercises in it's program to progress on it's main lifts.

1. If you noticed Greg's PMenu/CA workouts are based on modified Bulgarian cycles and has elements of DE and ME programming.
2. Westside uses conjugate periodization that utilizes both DE and ME programming.

I am not suggesting you "use" Westside as a template to do Oly lifting. I am suggesting you use *learn* from Westside principles and apply them over to Oly. Take you what you need and discard the rest. Similarly, use PP how you need it to work Oly and discard the useless information that won't help you.

Not trying to be condescending or anything but if you can't see the application of ideas across different domains, you need to step back a bit and study different strength programs to learn from them. I think it's great you wanna specifically focus on Oly programming only; however, this approach gives a better overall understanding of most advanced-elite training programs that will directly translate to your ability to analyze why something works the way it does. As Greg said, the programming is probably beyond the scope of this book *because* it is too advanced for it.. so that's why I'm suggesting you learn the concepts here.. and not just from the modified Bulgarian cycle that is PMenu/CA WODs.

For example, if we use a Westside example again we can see how Oly uses explosive lifts as it's main lifts and uses max effort work such as back squats, OHS and other movements to help build those movements up. Westside uses different dynamic work as well as max effort work to generally build up strength and not explosive lifts such as DL, squat and bench. Very interesting parallel because the application is similar in some respects.

But it's your choice.. can't do the thinking or analyzing for you. Just don't expect to be spoon fed on why the PMenu/CA workouts work the way they do.
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